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w204 how to install light up star using fuse tap wire to on/off switch

#mercedesw204logo #lightupstarinstall #ledstaraddafuse

and welcome back
before we get started there are 2 types of illuminated star emblems
1. push in clip type
2. twist in clip type
be sure you buy the correct one for your car
save yourself the hassle , so when buying triple confirm with the seller what type you have by removing it and checking ...IMPORTANT!!
here you go!!!!

another video on how to install the light up star on any mercedes benz with a front emblem similar to this.....
now this is specifically directed at w204 models ...however if you own a different model the procedure to remove and install would be somewhat similar
in this video i show you step by step by step
how to remove the upper front grill
remove the star emblem from the grill
and then install the new light up illuminated star emblem into your grill
how to wire it and route the cables to either your fuse box or the driver side footwell to an on and off switch ..the choice is yours

i show you 2 ways to wire it up
1. so it runs constantly as soon as you switch your ignition on
meaning you wire it to a switched 12v power source in the engine bay fuse box
saving you from draining your battery and not interferrring with other electronics when you tap into headlights or parking lights, therefore eliminating the possibility of destroying a solid factory connection, unless ofcourse you solder it....but for those whoo arent familiar with doing soldering this is the better option indeed
and because we use a 12v switched power source
i show you the easiest way with simple tools to test for a 12v power source in the fuse box
2. how to connect it to a 2 prong simple on and off switch in the driver cockpit footwell area right under the dash
which is in my honest opinion the best way to wire it so u can have full control over when to turn it on and off
for the show offs out there lol....jk

i also show how to test ofr 12v switched power source with basic wires and a light , in my case i use a led t10 bulbs you can use any 12v light source even a halogen light ..

i hope this videos helps you out and u can take something away from it
or at the very least i entertain you
and if i didnt pls comment and let me know how i can improve
good or bad i appreciate all feedback
so i can better myself and my videos for you guys..after all you guys are the consumers and this channel is dedicated to you guys

pls dont forget to .....
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so i can continue to make videos for you guys
i would love to have more of you guys as part of the channel

you can buy everything i use from ebay....
thats where i shop the most and buy most of my mods and accessories
you can buy 3 different colours red blue and white
when buying the correct illuminated star make sure you check whether your emblem is a push in type clip or a twist in clip its very important to make sure you buy the correct

illuminated star $35.99 aud or best offer
heres a link to where i bought my illuminated star

power wire/cable choose 16awg is good for most applications UNIVERSAL however you can go thinner

on/off switch i bought 5x for future projects
these are great with wires already soldered to the prongs




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Everything you need to know before buying a mercedes benz slk 230

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