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Wacom Bamboo CTH-470 Tablet Review

The Wacom Bamboo CTH-470 is an early line of the bamboo 3rd generation tablets, which are now no longer in production so they can pave way for the newer cintiq and intuos tablets. That means that wherever you buy them, they will be expensive! They're a top pick for some Osu! players and artists however, and retain their popularity regardless of newer technology. You can find them on Amazon and other online retailers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listi...
Song used: A Himitsu - Adventures
faacu wasilewski : Somebody knows if the Bamboo Pencil works in iPads?
onii-chan's manko : I bought this to be a good touch mouse ?
HappyPositiveCherrie : Just came here looking for weed bro ???✌️
Luca Miranda : no music please
E : Had this for quite a few years now. The tablet registers my finger tips but not the pen. How do I get a new pen?! DX

Wacom CTL-470 and CTL-480 Comparison

Previous video muted. You're probably watching this because of that video. Thank you Lantis.
Same description applies.

Extra Information: The textures are different. The CTL 480 (Intuos in the video) has a smoother surface texture than the CTL 470 (Black One).
Back of the Intuos features a pen nib removal tool and 3 extra nibs. Blame Goman for not giving you the extra nibs and the removal tool.

Removed useless intro no one cared about
Removed conflicting copyright
Added intro scene
D E L O N : does the ctl 471 have hardware smoothing?
Provola Player : But I drag... Is the ctl 470 good for me?
Kevin Kálmán Istók : driver?
Moe : 470 is better than 480 because the response time of the pencil is much higher than in the previous tablet, if it is true that there is little distance but it is not important. what is really important is the response time.

Also, You could play better if you left the custom areas, without force proportions and put the native resolution without moving the arm
Doishy Poni : I want to get the wacom bamboo tablet even though I already got a veikk s640

Wacom Bamboo CTL-470K Review & Thoughts

Voiceover note: got a cold again and a very blocked nose. Some parts of the audio is a little iffyyy.

Thought id do a quick review of this before I sell it since it still seems to be worth a fair bit. Originally purchased for £70 few years back and now sold for £50. It sold really quick too which suggests its popular or wanted a lot?!?

❤ Etsy ⍟ https://www.etsy.com/shop/AkhixBoutiques
❤ Deviantart ⍟ http://aklimalove.deviantart.com

❤ Music by A Himitsu
⍟ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFw...
Jonathan Gordon : Thank u for this video??
Miguel Pereira : This accent .. <3
May Thnypnch : How to download program Wacom? Please tell me.
bayu dwi prasetya : Hello akhi, what OS are you using in macbook, when you made this video?
MangoDonut : Can you Bluetooth it??




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