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Fitbit Charge 4: It was about time!

The GPS on the Charge 4 is a game-changer for anyone looking for serious activity tracking.

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Daniel P : She's a great reviewer
Butter Mash Potatoes : this vs honor band pro?
Gabriele Lazzati : It's a good product, don't get me wrong but I 2020 with this tracker priced at 150$ you would expect a better battery life. The missing part was GPS but it literally kills your battery. Also, you still need your phone to run because it can't store music downloaded from Spotify (none of the Fitbit, you might store downloaded music in a folder like in versa and ionic, come on fitbit). And, last but not least, the software is still laggy. Come on...
DonaBologna : I bought a Fitbit HR years ago and the sensor burned me. This happened to thousands of people and they were eventually recalled. I've been scared/unwilling to try again after receiving second degree burns from their product. This must have been 6+ years ago. Are those issues a thing of the past?
DonaBologna : Generics are like $35 on Amazon...

Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Fitbit Versa 2

The new Apple Watch starts at $400 and has a lot of health and fitness tracking features, as well as tight integration with the iPhone. But the Fitbit Versa 2 works on iOS and Android and costs $200 less. I compare these smartwatches on everything from battery life to the always-on display, plus talk about how they track exercise and sleep.

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#AppleWatch #FitbitVersa2 #MoreOrLess
Ter Rutter : Can you play Apple Music and have it pushed to the watch to listen and control from the watch?
SYAHMI CHANNEL : Me Apple user
Anita Noonayme : Admit it . Ur only getting the Apple Watch Bc you have no pockets
Mustardeer M : The reason I don't own either devices is because I'm saving 11 minutes and 44 seconds at the very least. I exercise and eat healthy.
aarya kadam : Fitbitb watch quality is not good
Syncing problem, strap quality is very poor

Fitbit Inspire HR vs Charge 3 | Fitness Tracker Review (MUST WATCH)


Rizknows purchased the products featured in this video. We review products independently and have not accepted any monetary compensation to provide positive or negative comments about the products featured in this video. In order to make our business sustainable and keep our content free, we use affiliate links. That means if you make purchases through certain links at the top of the description of this video, we may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you). We appreciate your support and we look forward to continuing to provide entertaining and helpful videos for you to enjoy. Read our full Ethics Statement here:

Fitbit Inspire HR vs Charge 3 | Fitness Tracker Review (MUST WATCH). In this video Jeff covers the Fitbit Charge 3 vs Inspire HR activity tracker review. In terms of differences, price is the biggest advantage for the Inspire HR fitness watch. The Charge 3 tracker has better battery life, a large display and quick replies on Android. Thanks for watching this Fitbit comparison video.

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR Review:

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Versa Review:

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Blaze Review:

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Apple Watch 4 Review:




Intro Song: “Rizzle Dizzle” (by Ryan Little)

Outro Song: "First Aid" by Letter Box

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maryam m : 7:17 baguettes eaten: 6
Jackieline Bestil Hansen : Oh, my God i just bought the charge 3 lol
Ariam Kesete : Do you guys give ones for free
Neev : Lol I bought an inspire hr from Walmart, but didn't open it. Well today I got a charge 3 and I'm going to return the inspire hr.
eden finch : And all the good stuff?

Fitbit Charge 4 Review: 9 New Things To Know

In-Depth Review:
Charge 4 on Amazon: (link helps support channel, thanks!)

Here's your complete in-depth review of the Fitbit Charge 4, focusing on all the new features and how well they do (or don't work). I dive into the new built-in GPS of the Charge 4, the new Sleep Score metrics, plus the new Fitbit Pay contactless payments. I explain what the Charge 4 Spotify integration really does, as well as how the weather and agenda bits look. I also look at GPS accuracy as well as battery life.


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